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First Steps School
First Steps school started in the year June 2014. The building accommodates classes' up to 10th standard. Each class has one section and there are no multiple sections this has been designed keeping the individual attention to the student in mind and building a school which in its expansion still continues to retain a personal touch.

Science labs, library and a computer room are fitted with modern apparatus designed to support learning in these areas. While we fully comprehend the importance of academics, learning is imparted in such a manner that the subject is understood for a lifetime. Activities and various tools of learning contribute to this methodology. Opportunities are given for raising questions thinking and problem solving.

If the right motivation and opportunity is given, every child can grow to become a successful and self-dependent individual. We strongly believe that no child is a failure. This philosophy has supported the progress of our children over several decades. As a school we encourage our children to accept their peers for who they are and not attach importance to the social status or economic background. This prepares them for the real world and to live in a society which includes people from all walks of life.

The facility includes a swimming pool, a sports ground and a riding enclosure. Horse riding and swimming are co-curricular activities and trained instructors visit the facility to impart the same. A team of sports instructors plan age appropriate physical exercises.

Children have a lot of creativity in them and this is encouraged through art classes. Students enjoy gardening and derive great joy in maintaining a green patch. Music is an integral part of the curriculum.

Our programme supports and lays emphasis on the importance of nature in all its forms. Children develop a reverence towards the sun, soil, water, air, trees and all large and small forms of life. They grow to respect this bio diversity and learn to live and let live. For it is of a desirable nature. The programme includes nature walks observation recording and documentation. The proximity of Jakkur Lake with its rich treasure of birds makes interesting study. The school campus itself is home to several species of birds, butterflies and insects, some of the nocturnal genre too. An inclusion of the environment and various aspects of study; it offers and provides for a conducive learning.

With a holistic approach Yoga has been included in the extra-curricular activities.


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